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Oval Learning Trust

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S2S Support

The Oval Learning Trust believes very passionately in a system-led approach to school improvement support. We encourage a collaborative approach to workng and all schools in our Trust family work in fellowship with trust, honesty and transparency to strive for improvement. Our school to school support is underpinned by a Trust School Improvement Strategy that is reviewed annually. This outlines our approach to support and Trust-wide accountability.


All our schools engage positiively in partnership with our Trust health-checks but are also encouraged to be outward facing and seek support and specilalisms from beyond the trust where needed. For example we have enagged with organisations such as Worth-it to support our work with mental health and wellbeing and also Early Excellence for EYFS specialist input. 


All schools contribute their own specialisms and skills and we have lead practitioners of some kind across all of our schools. These dedicated practiitoners contribute to our network meetings and projects so that all leaders are part of the Trust's strategic aims and ambitions. 


Our CPD curriculum for our leaders includes a comprehensive range of speakers, conferences, workshops (both face-to-face and online) and shared staff meetings so that we can ensure staff have the right skills, knowedge and understanding to be successful. Our extensive cloud-based file sharing and communications platform supports this development and helps with teacher workload. 

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