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Oval Learning Trust

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Quality of Education

Ensuring a high Quality of Education is the core mission and purpose of our charitable organisation. The quality of our education for the communities we serve is built on our deep belief that ALL children deserve excellence & equity both academically and through wider enrichment opportunities. We therefore strive to encourage schools to develop their specialisms & expertise and share these with each other so that the curriculum offer is an equitable offer for ALL children where the best practice is shared widely.


The Trust’s School Improvement Strategy is the vehicle for driving forward this key strategic aim and all operational and planning details of how we work with our schools to improve standards is included in that overview. This document also identifies how we ensure a robust accountability function so that we can evaluate and act in a timely way.


Curriculum Delivery and Design  The Trust has a curriculum blueprint to support curriculum design & delivery in a principled and coherent way. Oval schools are using this to inform the way in which they articulate the intent of their curriculum design in a framework of sequenced progression. This development work is fundamental in ensuring the highest outcomes for children’s learning.


High Quality CPD for staff &  governors  We believe that high quality continual professional development, when well-integrated and founded in research informed evidence, raises standards for children. We aim to ensure our CPD curriculum makes best use of the strengths & expertise in the Trust, as well as research informed practice from the very best providers we can source. We try to ensure we prioritise the right CPD aligned with SDPs and continue to share our CPD offer with wider partners.


Leadership at all levels The delivery of a high quality of education is the result of strong leadership. The Trust provides a framework of high expectations and in delivering its mission for excellence and equity for ALL children, aims to build more of its own centralised leadership capacity to support the Trust’s school improvement function. We ensure opportunities through a collaborative culture for all teachers to lead across schools and map out their own career pathways.