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Maths Year 3/4 Mastery Project

Our specialist Maths PD Lead and SLE Keith Ellis, has been leading a project for all of our

year 3/4 teachers to look at maths text books and facilitate some collaborative work to explore how these might be used to support mastery. With contributions from our own Oval Trustee Vicki Giffard, they have crafted the opportunity to develop specialist subject knowledge across our trust. Teachers have deepened their own specialised mathematical knowledge for teaching a mastery curriculum in Years 3/4. They have developed their mastery pedagogy (e.g. use of variation, representations, curriculum coherence) and have incorporated use of models and images. The opportunity to work not only with colleagues across the trust but also with children in exploring this further has given a very practical approach to our CPD for colleagues. After the enormous success of this work, with funding supported by our local Maths Hub we are now looking to extend this into our next project for year 5/6 and another project on lesson design in mixed age classes.