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Oval Learning Trust

School Logo


We are a Trust that wants to grow and be positioned to sustainably continue the positive system leadership we already contribute to. Our commitment to excellence through partnership and collaboration is part of our Trust’s DNA and sustainable growth brings more expertise, more friends to our playground and greater diversity to our children’s learning experiences. We know that success for children’s learning, well-being and wider curriculum experience comes from engagement with many partners.


Celebration of Success – We intend to make the successes of our schools something to shout about so that all schools have the opportunity to shine. All schools and all leaders bring their own strengths and specialisms and part of our future growth relies on our staff teams promoting what we do and how we do it. Parents and communities are an important part of this celebration and we aim to make sure that we give regular updates, open mornings, social media and website updates so they can appreciate the value of their school.


An Invitational and outward facing growth strategy – We have created a growth strategy that ensures we are able to bring a considered approach to all aspects of organisational growth which can be referred to whenever discussing or working with potential partners. This means being flexible but maintaining the principles of our agreed strategic overview. We aim to co-ordinate our centralised finance functions, and cloud based integrated systems to support future growth and support growth with an effective harmonising schedule for new partners to assimilate to our policy and practices. Our altruistic approach of collaborative working is invitational to other schools so they might appreciate first-hand what great benefits there are in working with us.


An employer of choice with strategic planning for our workforce – Our ambition of excellence for ALL our children in ALL schools means we need to attract the best leaders and expertise to come and work with us and stay with us. We value our staff teams and want them to be proud of working for our Trust. Our aim is to ensure that staff are loyal to our ‘Trust brand’ and see the benefits of career pathways and ongoing CPD so that we can grow and retain our own leaders for the future. Our reputation as investors in CPD, staff well-being & leadership is therefore also really important.