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Oval Learning Trust

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“The role of governing boards in defining and implementing strategy whilst holding the leaders of schools and trusts to account has to be the foundation upon which a world class education system is built.” Sir David Carter


The principles and personal attributes that individuals bring to the Board of Directors and our Local Governing Bodies are as important as their skills and knowledge. These qualities enable board members to use their skills and knowledge to function well as part of a team and make an active contribution to effective governance.


The Oval Learning Trust places great value on effective governance and ensures governors at all levels govern with integrity & wisdom and in the best interests of ALL learners.


Financial Compliance & forecasting – The governance structure ensures that the organisation is in a strong and sustainable financial position to achieve its strategic goals. It is about ensuring the sustained financial health and efficiency of the whole organisation. We aim that our finance strategy offers the overarching strategic aims for this so that the Trust can ensure public money is well-spent and in the interests of all its schools.


Roles responsibilities and expertise - Understanding and designing the structures through which governance takes place is vital to avoid unclear and overlapping responsibilities that can lead to dysfunctional or ineffective governance arrangements. Our scheme of delegation makes clear responsibilities and the Trust aims to use the governance competencies checklist to ensure it has the right skills, knowledge and expertise to fulfil its duties. Continual internal review and reflection about effectiveness through impact reports, meeting reviews and oversight of monitoring activities all contribute to robust governance and an ambition for excellence at all levels.


Engagement with communities - Effective boards are well-informed about, and respond to, the views of key stakeholders, particularly parents and carers. They enable productive relationships, creating a sense of trust and shared ownership of the organisation’s strategy, vision and operational performance. Our governance structure aims to be a golden thread of engagement with our communities to ensure they are updated on Trust activities and successes and give feedback on where we can improve. The Trust further ensures that connectivity of all governance layers is supported through link governor roles.