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Oval Learning Trust

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Enabling Infrastructure

The organisational infrastructure is fundamental in providing a solid framework of support to all schools so that school leaders can focus on the main mission of ensuring the quality of education. The Trust’s Operating Model provides an overview of the Trust’s relationships, strategies and overall organisation of its infrastructure and the 2022 model is a vision of where the Trust aims this to be. A solid infrastructure is vital for future growth so that more schools can engage in the Trust’s wider partnership.


Central Support Services – The central support service is intended to bring capacity to school leadership teams enabling them to prioritise and focus on teaching and learning priorities. The closely connected relationship between the front–line classroom experience for our children and the back office support, works in harmony to ensure the core mission is delivered with children’s learning at the heart. Incremental savings, centralised efficiencies and effective ways of working all create incremental savings for children’s educational experiences in the classroom.


Facilities support – Our capital investment across multiple sites is a crucial resource that needs careful planning and oversight. Continual maintenance & upkeep, careful planning for growth and evolution, and considered approaches to bids for further development as well as maintenance and statutory compliance are all vital components of ensuring our schools are safe, innovative places to learn. We want our learning environments to communicate our high ambition and care for children’s learning in every respect so that learning spaces are used to their very best advantage.


IT Infrastructure and Strategy – An effective IT Strategy aims to underpin the strategic oversight of the Trust’s IT infrastructure and its effective connectivity for information processing and analysis as well as communications. Effective IT reduces workloads and ensures information can be processed effectively for critique. Our ambition to grow provides challenges and opportunities and effective scaling of systems to maintain a central service function that is streamlined and co-ordinated to overcome geographical barriers and time constraints. A good outward facing communications strategy will support us to effectively sell our success and support our communities to understand who we are and what  benefits we bring to children’s learning.